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How to Build a High Quality Stamping Mold? Zhejiang Ceeto Molding Technology Co.,Ltd. registed in year 2011, which has a strong group members mould and processing experts which have rich experience in design and manufacturing Metal Stamping refering to

  • Stamping Mold

  • Stamping Die 

  • Stamping Production 

  • Deep Draw Process

  • Deep Draw Metal Stamping 

Ceeto company provides customer with high quality Metal Stamping and Products, Stamping moulds mainly in

  • Stamping for Automotive field

  • Stamping for Home appliance field

  • Stamping for Medical field 

  • Stamping for Daily commodity field

  • Stamping for Railway field

  • Stamping for Aircraft field

Building area is 12000 square meters. Currently, we have employee 280 in total and six Program Engineers are in charge of projects according to customers from different global regions, 30 technical engineerings who are having much experience in designing and developing Mold 2D assembly drawings & Mold 3D designs.

Recent years, Ceeto Company have been introducing not only advanced manufacturing equipments, but also a large bumber of talents, As a result, the manufacturing level has reached to the international advanced level, and we have also gained the majority of customers' trust and respect. 

Ceeto Company sincerely hope that, with the principle of 'To be honest men and to do things sincerely ', we could fully expert our advantages and rich manufacturing experience to provide the customers with higher-level and higher-quality products and better service. 

Main business refers to many fields such as Automotive Industry, Home Appliance Industry, Daily Commodity Industry, Laboratory Industry, Medical and Hospital Industry, Train and Railway Industry, Aviation Industry, Farm Field and so on. 

The Ceeto Company adheres to the purpose of ' Seiko spy, meeting customer's demand with first-calss quality and service', and fully implements ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System to ensure product quality. With the spirit of integrity, profession, dedication, industry, the company is wiling to join hands with friends at home and abroad to co-create glorious tomorrow.

For many years, based on the operation principle of ' Excellence in Quality, Service As Top Priority, Enhancement in Efficiency, Progress and Innovation'. The Ceeto company has got the supports and trust from most of our customers and exported to Europe, North America, Japan, korea, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Stamping is the process to expert pressure on the blank so that the blank will undergo plastic transformation or separation to produce workpieces with fixed sizes, shapes and properties. The stamping process is divided into separating and forming. Separating process includes Blanking, Cutting, Piercing, Lancing, Trimming, Parting, Shaving. Forming process includes Bending, Edge Coiling, Curling, Drawing, Ironing, Embossing, Flanging, Bulging, Necking, Flaring, Restriking ( three-dimensional ), Restriking ( planishing ), Printing, Twising, Cold Extruding, Upset Forging, Spinning. 

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