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Stainless steel plant flower pot

Application: Commodity, Home Use
Processing Method: Punching and Shearing Mould
Technics: Drawing Die
Process Combination: Composite Mould

Garden Big and Small Stainless Steel Plant Flowerpot  will make your garden beautiful, this kind of flowerpot design with long nozzle and easy to control water, ceeto company has made a lof of kinds of Garden Stainless steel flowerpot products, we welcome you to place orders. We have a group of skilled engineers who are able to make this watering pot products, they are made by a compount die which is consist of blanding die, shearing die, cutting die, welding, many processing and so on.

Garden Stainless steel flowerpot

Garden Stainless steel flowerpot is produced by a stamping die which we also call it with a drawing mould, it's has several processing procedures through blanking die, stamping die, shearing die, sizing die, and heat treatment, high polishing or stainless steel satin finish process. Ceeto company has many years in making this compound die and has a professional technical team who are capable of doing all the jobs in house.

Machining equipment for making Garden Stainless steel flowerpot

CNC: 4 machines

WEDM: 3 machines

WEDM-HS: 2 machines

EDM: 4 machines

Radial Drill: 6 machines

Sawing machine: 2 machines

Griding machine: 5 machines

Milling machine: 4 machines

Bending drill: 5 machines

Lathe: 2 machines

Tapping center: 1 machines

Plate shears: 2 machines

Punching: 3 machines

Hydraulic press machine: 10 machines

Hydraulic machine to make Garden Stainless steel flowerpot Hydraulic press machine for Garden Stainless steel flowerpot

Hydraulic press machine for Garden Stainless steel flowerpot Hydraulic press machine forGarden Stainless steel flowerpot


Q1: What will be the lead time to order this Garden Stainless steel flowerpot Product?

A1: A stamping and drawing die leadtime is 15 days, it meas that we receive your official purchasing order to the mould is well completely done.

Q2: What is the MOQ ( The mini. order quantities )?

A2: 500pcs with leadtime 15 days, it means that we are able to make 500 pcs in one order in 15 days, shipment days are not included.

Q3: Can we modify the Garden Stainless steel flowerpot mould if engineer necessary after the first sample?

A3: Yes, we discuss to finalize a solution to modify the mould after we get your approval based on your engineering drawings.

Q4: What is the products packing?

A4: Individual bubble packing will be used for single pot, then put them into cardboard boxes with wooden pallet to avoid any damage during long way transportation. Wooden boxes also can be used if you ask for but wooden boxes expenses will be charged separately.

Stainless steel plant flower pot

Stainless steel plant flower pot

Stainless steel plant flower pot

Stainless steel plant flower pot

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