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Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products

Materiali: Stainless steel 304
Application: Restaurant or Kitchen
Surface treatment : Silver pearl surface, Polished wire drawing surface
Folded: No

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooker Products is made with high quality stainless steel material, it can be made by single layer or double layers, cooker diameter can be 26cm, 28 cm, 35cm or more bigger than these, it's the features of large capacity, all stainless steel handles, shaped energy constant temperature and integral molding by hydraulic press machine. All steel handle design, hollow anti-ironing design, anti-fire and anti-ironing firm and durable. Thickened pot bottom, high strength one-time molding, firm, durable, heat conduction, fast and uniform, energy saving and wear-resisting.

Stainless steel 304, 201, 202 food grade
500 sets
Part body, lid, side handles, knob
Customer service
Response to you in 24 hours
Cardboard box
Samples provided
Production processing
Material cutting, deep drawing, step, impact bonding, welding, polishing

Restaurant Stainless Steel Hot Pot Products

Good restaurant Stainless Steel Hot Pot Products all use relatively thick plates. Because Restaurant Stainless Steel Hot Pot Products has been treated at the edge, it is difficult to see the thickness at once. The simplest way is to press the surface slightly hard. If it can be pressed, the material is very thin. Of course, if you can borrow a Vernier caliper and a spiral micrometer, don't bother.

Deep Drawing Technical Processing to Make Restaurant Stainless Steel Hot Pot Products

1. Machine: generally using a large tonnage hydraulic press (200t) to draw the sheet metal die

2. Die: the angle can not be too straight, generally more than φ 10 directly, the structure should be reasonable

3. Material: generally require plate thickness range within 0.8-1.0mm, beyond this range, even 500t hydraulic press is powerless 

4. Heat treatment: the whole drawing tank generally needs high temperature annealing treatment, generally 1200 degrees above the temperature, to eliminate the internal stress after drawing 

5. Surface treatment: satin, polishing, polishing (usually smooth) 

6. Process: after the sheet metal is added to the drawing oil of the die, it can be drawn smoothly, annealed after forming, and then treated with surface treatment 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooker Products        Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen Cooker Products 

Quality Control to Check Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen Cooker Products

1. Welding should be correct, polished surface texture should be uniform, no obvious scratches, hammers and burn marks 

2. The welding position of the flume should be firm, the welds should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as incomplete penetration and cracks. The exposed welds should be polished or decolorized. 

3. The edge of the cooker should be smooth and not to have sharp corners and burrs

With the development of the whole economy of our country, the living standard of the people has been generally improved. Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen Cooker Products have become the kitchen and restaurant utensils in our memory. We hope that you may choose us as your supplier to get good quality Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Kitchen Cooker Products. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know, we shall be very glad to give you feedback at the first time.

Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products     Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products

Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products     Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products

Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products             Stainless Steel Cooker and Pot Products


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